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Connecting with nature.

Many people are finding it challenging to connect with the natural world. This is a result of our busy lifestyles, increasing urbanisation, obsession with screen-based technologies, reduced access to green space, and increasing phobias about outdoor environments… but daily experiences with nature can transform the way we learn, work and live.

Who we are

We’re a group of community minded practitioners from the environment, education and health sectors that are working together to encourage people to spend time outdoors, connect with nature and enjoy it’s health giving benefits.

At the Connective we are creating programs and conversations, sharing stories, information, challenges, new ideas and resources so you and your community can connect better with nature. To bring this vision to life we will need to have many partnerships in place, both socially and politically. We will need to think big – collectively and individually – to grab everyone’s attention and let them appreciate why nature is so important to our health and wellbeing. We need to inspire others and create opportunities for people of all different ages, all different parts of society to participate and act.

That’s why we’ve created THE CONNECTIVE

What we offer

The Connective offers a network of professionals and community representatives that are exploring ways we can share nature connection initiatives, research and projects. We invite you to participate in our programs, view the stories on our website, contribute to conversations and use the shared resources.

We also offer a range of nature connection services designed to your individual needs:

  • Nature and wellbeing programs and greenspace workplace design for business and corporate organisations
  • Nature event coordination for Councils, Universities and community groups
  • Natural area and urban design planning including nature gardens

Living Better With Nature 

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