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Our vision is to get more Australians to connect with nature

“There is mounting evidence emerging that our disconnection with the natural world is having an impact on both the health and wellbeing of the people and the planet. Our work seeks to create opportunities for communities to develop a high level awareness about nature and the interactions between people and nature and the many associated benefits. And through this process, supporting communities to develop greater social cohesion opportunities, developing a strong sense of place and belonging.”

The Connective

Many people are finding it challenging to connect with the natural world. This is a result of our busy lifestyles, increasing urbanisation, decreasing backyards, obsession with screen-based technologies, reduced access to green space, and increasing phobias about outdoor environments… but daily experiences with nature can transform the way we learn, work and live.

Who we are

The Connective is a group of professionals from the health, environment and evidence specialist sectors that research, understand and tailor make nature and place-based programs and individual and workplace biophilic design interventions to improve productivity, wellbeing and environmental stewardship behaviours- creating programs and conversations, sharing ideas, knowledge and challenges for communities and companies to connect better with nature.

John Allen: over 25 years experience with State and Local Government, self-employment and community organisations.  John has worked in the fields of biodiversity and landscape conservation, threatened species management, environmental education, Aboriginal cultural practice and heritage conservation, fire management and environmental planning. Having extensive experience in horticulture and landscape design.

Waminda Parker: with 20 years of project management and strategic planning working with the environment and community development, Waminda has been actively promoting the co-benefits of nature-connection and place-making through talks, projects, research, policy and planning. Waminda also manages nature-based and place-making research programs at Macquarie University.

Rob Richards: over 25 years experience working within the Natural Resource Management sector, specialising in the use of evidence to inform program, policy development and risk management. A Trustee Board member of Collaboration for Environmental Evidence and co-creator of the Australian Centre for Evidence Informed Policy and Practice. Holds an Honorary Appointment as a Professional Associate of the University of Canberra and lectures at Monash University.

Dr Miles Holmes: a professional anthropologist who has been researching bushcraft skills and nature connection techniques for 20 years and holds a PhD in traditional ecological knowledge having worked with Aboriginal people throughout Australia.

Michelle Rose: a yoga and meditation instructor and environmental educator, Michelle connects communities with nature and place through her roles working with not-for-profits and Council.  

Andrea Turner: holding a Masters in Social Work, Andrea is a counsellor and mental health practitioner specialising in trauma. She holds a strong interest in the relationship between individuals and their immediate surroundings (environment, culture, home, work) as the foundation of sustaining health and wellbeing.

Everyone needs nature and everyone has an role to play in helping to achieve a better connection with nature… if you can contribute, please Contact Us!

Living Better With Nature 

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