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Connecting with nature.

Many people are finding it challenging to connect with the natural world. This is a result of our busy lifestyles, increasing urbanisation, obsession with screen-based technologies, reduced access to green space, and increasing phobias about outdoor environments… but daily experiences with nature can transform the way we learn, work and live.

Who we are

The Connective is a group of professionals from the health, environment and evidence specialist sectors that research, understand and tailor make nature-based programs and workplace design to improve workplace wellbeing and productivity Рcreating programs and conversations, sharing ideas, knowledge and challenges for communities and companies to connect better with nature.

What we offer

We offer a range of nature-connection and place-making services including:

  • Nature-connection workshop programs to help to involve, inform, equip and motivate staff and individuals to become more actively engaged with nature and place. Tailored to government, business, universities and community groups and aligned to holistic sustainability delivery models
  • Tailored presentations providing evidence-based models on the collective benefits and practical applications of nature-connection and place-making practices
  • Biophilic workplace design as an important opportunity to improve employee wellbeing and productivity. Integrated design models that incorporate nature-based and place-making elements into the workplace, correlated with mindfulness practices
  • Natural area and urban design planning including nature-connection gardens

Living Better With Nature 

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