Connecting Nature Connection Activities in Australia (Report)

Connecting Nature Connection Activities in Australia Connecting people with nature to foster enduring environmentally-sensitive behaviour has become a recent focus of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), through its global #NatureForAll movement that strives to connect people with nature, especially those who may not otherwise do so. The purpose of this research [...]


Foraging a connection to nature

“Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives" Thomas Berry This famous quote from nature's historian Thomas Berry truly encapsulates just how vital experiences in nature are for children. Early childhood is a crucial period for brain development - it is when our [...]


Managing risks – when you want to say “Be careful…!”

"Be Careful...!" Learning to manage risk is an important part of children's development. Often we instinctively shout out "Be careful!" when children move towards areas of risk - sometimes there is real reason for alarm. Sometimes there isn’t. This article provides a wonderful overview on the different types of risk children often face and [...]


The world’s best classroom – the great outdoors!

Curriculum based nature excursions proven to greatly benefit students I was dumbfounded when not a single hand went up when the teacher asked, ‘How many of you have ever eaten your lunch out in nature before?’ The 30 students in year 5 were sitting there in the dappled sunlight underneath the coastal tea trees [...]


Audio: Why kids should run around in the dirt

Listen to the delight in the children's voices as they explore at Kinder Bush If you have any doubts of the benefits that children gain by spending time in nature, then this short audio is for you! This wonderful audio story describes the many benefits that outdoor classrooms have on the healthy growth and [...]


Nature connection: a focus on frogs

Connecting to nature through the world of frogs There are many ways parents, teachers and our community can create opportunities for children to connect with nature. Just getting outdoors and enjoying free play time is a fantastic way to start. To extend that connection with nature, I have created nature education programs that allow [...]


Kids in Nature Network: reconnecting children with nature, to improve the health of both children and nature

Co-founded by Cecile van der Burgh, Dimity Williams, Christine Joy from Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and Sanne de Swart - all CSL alumni, the Kids in Nature Network's aim is simple… reconnecting children with nature to improve the health of both children and nature. They have identified that the best way to enable more [...]


Why teens should make time to explore natural places

With over last twenty-five year’s experience in outdoor and environmental education, Dean and Annette Turner have found that around five to fifteen per cent of teens thrive on challenging journeys, while the majority thrive on nature wandering and immersion. Here are some of their ideas and recommendations on how to help teens take the [...]


Why does my child need to go to a club to hang out in nature?

The team from the Educated by Nature are listening to what children want. Where they are hearing time and time again that children are yearning and are desperate for space to explore, build, play and connect with each other, with nature and with themselves. They simply want time to be in their own world [...]


What is nature connection and why do we need it?

Nature is one of our most valuable assets. Daily experiences within naturally rich environments can transform the way we learn, grow and live. By choosing learning and living environments that weave in opportunities to experience nature and the great outdoors, we can develop connections with nature that support a wonderful array of social and environmental benefits. [...]