Rewilding offers a pathway to save the Coastal Emu

With numbers of the coastal emu continuing to rapidly decline, the community of the Clarence Valley met last week at Grafton to discuss strategies to help save this endangered population. Members of the Coastal Emu Alliance pulled out all options to support the recovery of this local iconic species. “With the last community survey [...]


The Upper Coldstream: A fauna assemblage of national signficance

The Upper Coldstream catchment is located in the centre of the “McPherson-Macleay overlap” (between the Macleay River and the McPherson Range); this is the only part of Australia where northern and southern, ancient and modern fauna groups coexist. This blending of biotas means that it is amongst the most biodiverse regions in Australia with [...]


The Upper Coldstream: A nationally significant treasure trove of plant diversity

With highly biodiverse ecosystems ranging from stunted heathy dry sclerophyll forests clinging on skeletal rocky sandstone ridgetops to tall open dry sclerophyll forests on the valley floor, from deep open floodplain wetlands to very tall wet sclerophyll forests and lush subtropical rainforests, the landscapes of the Upper Coldstream catchment change drastically across a very [...]


Business Case: Coastal Emu Corridor Recovery Plan

The coastal emu is an Endangered Population on the NSW North Coast. Without action, this population will soon become extinct. The Coastal Emu Alliance was formed as a result of community concern across the Richmond-Clarence Lowlands, wanting to come together because of their strong desire to conserve these special, iconic, uniquely Australian birds into [...]


Video: Emu Gateways – removing movement barriers for the coastal emu

Emus are highly mobile and range over a wide area. Any barriers that restrict emu movement can have a major impact by reducing access to natural food sources, isolating and preventing breeding and nesting, and blocking escape from predators or bushfires. The Coastal Emu travels big distances and are found in many vegetation types [...]


Video: Upper Coldstream Biodiversity Project achievements

The Upper Coldstream Biodiversity Project has been working with dedicated land stewards within an ecologically significant and culturally rich corridor along the NSW north coast. Using the Coastal Emu as a flagship species, a community collaboration has come together in pursuit of landscape-scale restoration. This 13 minute video provides an overview of the achievements [...]


Story: Removing barriers – allowing emu movement for healthy habitats

Removing barriers to allow emu migration and seed dispersal for healthy habitats The emus across the Clarence Valley and Bungawalbin areas are the very last of a species that once roamed across much of the east coast of Australia. Once common, over 200 years the number of emus on the coast has dwindled and [...]


Story: Important steps being taken to rewild the Pillar Valley

While developing places of learning and sharing, to enable communities to come together for conservation… Imagine a landscape that is scattered with pockets of special habitats that not only attracts a unique array of native animals but also provides the community with important places of learning, teaching and sharing. Your own personal ‘sit spot’ [...]


Brochure: Save the Coastal Emu

The decline of the Coastal Emu population has been large and rapid with large areas of prime emu habitat suffering local extinctions. The Coastal Emu Alliance, along with key stakeholders, landholders and the broader community are ready and willing to take action. This brochure provides a quick overview of actions that have been undertaken [...]