Why does my child need to go to a club to hang out in nature?

The team from the Educated by Nature are listening to what children want. Where they are hearing time and time again that children are yearning and are desperate for space to explore, build, play and connect with each other, with nature and with themselves. They simply want time to be in their own world [...]


What is nature connection and why do we need it?

Nature is one of our most valuable assets. Daily experiences within naturally rich environments can transform the way we learn, grow and live. By choosing learning and living environments that weave in opportunities to experience nature and the great outdoors, we can develop connections with nature that support a wonderful array of social and environmental benefits. [...]


Flower power – bee-ing connected to nature in schools!

Bring Back the Buzz Schools play and important role in nature connection for young people. Getting out of the classroom and into the environment is a great opportunity for students to explore and learn about the world around them. The National Parks Association of NSW has been working with schools and communities in South [...]


Bush Tracking in the Sydney Blue Mountains

Bush Trackers Guide: explore the bush Looking for a fun day out with the family in the Blue Mountains? Want to spend more time relaxing together as a family away from ipods, computers and the television? Then make sure you explore the bush with Bush Trackers – bushwalks and guides for kids designed by [...]


Brochure: Why do children need nature?

Children are suffering from the loss of connection they are having with the natural environment. Growing literature on the health implications for children in the last decade indicates many health issues point to lifestyle related non communicable diseases. The good news is that many of these health concerns can be improved by exposing and [...]