Workplace wellness: connecting to nature, community and place

Nature-based solutions to workplace sustainability, wellbeing and productivity TONI&GUY Balmain hair salon has been reviewing their business plan based on economic return and best-practice business planning while also adopting a holistic sustainable business model drawing on nature-connection and placemaking strategies. Extending their reach, the salon is exploring the benefits of nature-based approaches to staff [...]


Linger longer: It’s better for your mental health

Nature in its unkempt state! The remedy to an urban population's mental health is a bit of a paradox: It’s nature in its unkempt state. Research tells us that these looser pockets of green increase calm and concentration. But how do we incorporate these elements into routinely primped and pruned green spaces? Research shows [...]


The Upper Coldstream: A fauna assemblage of national signficance

The Upper Coldstream catchment is located in the centre of the “McPherson-Macleay overlap” (between the Macleay River and the McPherson Range); this is the only part of Australia where northern and southern, ancient and modern fauna groups coexist. This blending of biotas means that it is amongst the most biodiverse regions in Australia with [...]


The Upper Coldstream: A nationally significant treasure trove of plant diversity

With highly biodiverse ecosystems ranging from stunted heathy dry sclerophyll forests clinging on skeletal rocky sandstone ridgetops to tall open dry sclerophyll forests on the valley floor, from deep open floodplain wetlands to very tall wet sclerophyll forests and lush subtropical rainforests, the landscapes of the Upper Coldstream catchment change drastically across a very [...]


Bush Tracking in the Sydney Blue Mountains

Bush Trackers Guide: explore the bush Looking for a fun day out with the family in the Blue Mountains? Want to spend more time relaxing together as a family away from ipods, computers and the television? Then make sure you explore the bush with Bush Trackers – bushwalks and guides for kids designed by [...]