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Action-Based Research for Nature-Led Solutions

Our research develops evidence-led and applied approaches on how nature-based solutions can transform the way we learn, work, play and live; improving our physical and mental health, social wellbeing and our ability to care for the natural environment. Central to this is bridging the gap between science and practice by working with nature to create nature-led solutions for the wellbeing of both people and the planet.

Many disciplines have an academic and professional interest in how people plan, design, engage with and manage outdoor and natural environments.  These include health fields (medicine, psychology, physiotherapy), natural environment (philosophy, science, ecological, natural resource management) and built environment (architecture, horticulture, landscape architecture, planning and urban design). Despite these common interests, engagement between such disciplines and working together to achieve mutual goals is often low.

Our research approach aims to address this significant gap by facilitating and enabling cross-sector understanding and applications through research that works alongside industry groups, government, practitioners and the community to provide access to action-based research, evaluation and applied development capability.

Our ambition is to develop and embed fully integrated knowledge, products, services and evaluation tools, from research proof-of-concept to mainstream applications. Developing nature-inspired solutions that can be roll-out across community, industry and government; strengthening the relationship between people and nature in a manner that creates sustainable wellbeing for both people and planet.

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