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Adults Need Nature:

Creating opportunities for whole-of-communities to enjoy the many benefits of nature

Across the country, from urban to rural landscapes, community groups are proving to be great stewards of the natural world and important caretakers of the many landscapes within. With our support, whole of communities can play an active role in building connections to the natural environment, for the health and wellbeing of both the planet and the community – benefiting people and place.

Our vision is to support holistic approaches where nature can become part of community everyday living, resulting in a wonderful array of social, economic and environmental benefits. Where we are exploring new approaches to share ideas, lessons and stories through facilitating the exchange of information and mentoring and valuing the importance of community knowledge as places of learning and teaching.

We invite you to explore our stories, information and projects on how whole of community can play a more active role in nature, so we can all enjoy the benefits of improved community wellbeing and planetary health.

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