Bring Back the Buzz

Schools play and important role in nature connection for young people. Getting out of the classroom and into the environment is a great opportunity for students to explore and learn about the world around them.

The National Parks Association of NSW has been working with schools and communities in South West Sydney to help Bring the Buzz back to the Cumberland Plain Woodland.

This project aims to support and increase the viability of bush restoration in the Cumberland Plain Woodland by engaging the community to create habitat and resources for insect pollinators – vital to the success of a healthy functional ecosystem.

Bringing back the Buzz project manager, Margot Law, says “It’s fantastic to see kids running around outside and learning about nature. We’ve been working with schools to teach students about pollinators and how crucial they are to ecosystem health.”

“Students have loved getting their hands dirty, making bee hotels and finding pollinator habitat on a treasure hunt.”

“Even just the simple process of drawing a flower was a really profound act of nature connection. I don’t think any of these kids had ever looked a single flower for a long length of time. By the end of the day they were lecturing me on anthers, stigmas and petals and how they use them to attract pollinators!”

What can your school can do to help Bring Back the Buzz?

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