How often are you using you phone?

According to AntiSocial’s developer Chris Eade, Australian men and women spend about two hours a day on their phones, and that is not including use for music streaming, video streaming, or making calls – that is pure Facebook, web surfing, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. In fact Australian men are the biggest users of phones globally.

Chris describes that the addictive nature of phone use and the design of apps are having a significant impact on our lives.

[People] feel that their lives are being encroached upon by devices, their social lives, maybe their relationships with their loved ones and friends. They’re not experiencing nature. They’re not exercising.

To watch their short video and learn more, please visit:

For a bit of light entertainment have a listen to Terry Oldfield’s and Carlos Garo’s latest video about their interpretation of our addiction to mobile phones called “Reach Out”:

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