Co-founded by Cecile van der Burgh, Dimity Williams, Christine Joy from Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and Sanne de Swart – all CSL alumni, the Kids in Nature Network’s aim is simple… reconnecting children with nature to improve the health of both children and nature.

They have identified that the best way to enable more children to engage with nature is by supporting, connecting and inspiring the people who facilitate the process of connecting children with nature. As a GP, Dimity raised her concerns after seeing firsthand the detrimental effects of children not engaging with nature.

As a doctor, I see how children live today and the changing nature of childhood, including an increase in mental and preventable lifestyle illnesses. Much of this is due to less time spent in nature.”

The Kids In Nature Network with Richard Louv Co-founder of the Children & Nature Network

The Network has also established Nature Play Week as a way of promoting healthy, outdoor play for children across Victoria and NSW. This fun way of generating interest in outdoor play is all about families and children having positive experiences in natural settings. Held annually, Nature Play Week can be as simple as encouraging family visits to the local park where the children can roam free.

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