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Undertaking Research and Projects to improve the way we connect with the natural environment

Our Research:

Our research aims to undertake an evidence based approach to help inform the design of programs or interventions that specifically facilitate nature connection experiences – whether that be at a schoolyard, backyard, local park, reserve, National Park or workplace – to achieve both wellbeing outcomes and environmental stewardship behaviours.

Our extensive literature research to date has produced a set of pathways that describe documented cause and effect relationships between nature connection, wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviour. Understanding these pathways and the factors that influence these pathways will increase our effectiveness and understanding of how we can improve the design of future nature connection programs.

Our Projects:

The Connective is developing a number of projects to ‘road-test’ and provide proof of concept for preferred delivery models or pathways emerging from our research; working across a range of environments, landscapes and social contexts. By providing real world examples, case studies and related resources, community groups will be able to identify and apply their own nature connection programs and reap the benefits of their own nature connection experiences.

We are implementing a corporate nature connection program Working With Nature. We are also working with and supporting other community projects including the children Mountains to Sea Nature Connection Project and the rural community Coastal Emu Corridor Nature Stewardship Project.

Other Projects:

We recognise that it often difficult to know where to start your own nature connection journey, uncertain of where to go and who to contact. To help individuals, schools, businesses, families learn about what they can do in their own backyard and improve access to nature-based projects within their own community we have developed Connecting Up. Connecting Up is simply a listing of the wide-ranging nature-based projects that are being delivered in your community.

Our goal is for communities to help communities – building connections and mentoring opportunities. If you have a relevant nature-based project that you can share, please Contact Us.