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Coastal Emu Corridor – for People and Place

The Coastal Emu Alliance is building a whole-of-community approach to rewilding the Coastal Emu, helping to sustain and protect one of the most ecologically significant coastal corridors in NSW

The Coastal Emu Corridor on the NSW North Coast is located in a zone where northern and southern, temperate and subtropical ecosystems overlap – resulting in some of the greatest diversity of flora and fauna in Australia and supporting the highest number of threatened species in NSW.

This immensely important coastal corridor comprises large tracts of National Park and State Forest. However, just as important, are the private properties adjoining those areas. Tens of thousands of hectares of country is currently managed by landholders who are proving to be great stewards of the natural environment and important caretakers of the habitats within.

Using the Endangered Coastal Emu as a flagship species, an important community collaboration has come together in pursuit of a coastal emu rewilding program. The Coastal Emu Alliance comprises government, landowners, environment groups and the broader community – all committed to creating an effective and strategic land stewardship program for the recovery of the coastal emu.

With recent surveys recording less than 50 emus left on the north coast, its extinction is imminent.

The Coastal Emu Alliance is calling on all support and whole of community action to participate in the recovery of the emu.

For more information or to help support the recovery of the Coastal Emu, please Contact Us.

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