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Rewilding the Mountains to the Sea

A nature connection and rewilding program linking children and their families from the Sydney beaches through to the forested regions of the Blue Mountains.

As part of a carefully designed research program, the Mountains to the Sea project is piloting a community mentoring and nature learning program – working with children and their families across a range of connected landscapes from the Northern Beaches to the Inner City, Western Sydney and Blue Mountains regions.

Working with community groups, scientists and organisations from the environment, education, health and social sectors this project aims to:

  • Build community networks that can support nature-based learning and mentoring collaborations across our expanding urban landscapes;
  • Design evidence based nature connection and rewilding programs that improve family wellbeing and environmental stewardship behaviours;
  • Rewilding urban green spaces that are community driven – improving community liveability and natural ecosystem function; and
  • Build case studies and share resources using real world experiences, demonstrating the methods and benefits of nature connection.

We invite you to explore our stories, information and projects on how children and their families can play an active role and enjoy the rewilding benefits of the natural environment and nature connection.

For more information or to help support the vision of the Mountains to Sea Project, please Contact Us.

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