Working With Nature – Biophilic Design 2018-08-18T10:30:25+00:00

Working With Nature – Biophilic Design

Research shows that positive nature-based experiences have direct benefit on our health, wellbeing and workplace productivity. Where experiences with nature within the workplace can significantly improve sustained attention, cognitive and motor functions, self-esteem, physical and mental health.

The importance of wellness within the workplace is being increasingly recognised where workplace designs that incorporate natural elements and support opportunities for social interactions can have a significant influence on employee wellbeing, social cohesion and productivity. Research demonstrates that nature with the workplace provides far reaching benefits, improving:

  1. Creativity and initiation of new ideas
  2. Decision-making and problem solving
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Motor and cognitive function
  5. Reduced stress and mental fatigue
  6. Social and workplace cohesion
  7. Mood improvements and enhanced coping skills
  8. Workplace health and safety