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Workplace wellness: connecting to nature, community and place

Nature-based solutions to workplace sustainability, wellbeing and productivity TONI&GUY Balmain hair salon has been reviewing their business plan based on economic return and best-practice business planning while also adopting a holistic sustainable business model [...]


Aboriginal meditation is being used to heal minds in the modern world

Miriam Rose Baumann thinks Australians could learn from the world's oldest culture to help with mental health. By learning Dadirri… As a former school principal and Order of Australia recipient, Ms Baumann is now [...]


Kids in Nature Network: reconnecting children with nature, to improve the health of both children and nature

Co-founded by Cecile van der Burgh, Dimity Williams, Christine Joy from Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and Sanne de Swart - all CSL alumni, the Kids in Nature Network's aim is simple… reconnecting children with [...]


Planetary health is a social justice issue – for both people and the natural environment

Planetary health is defined as “the health of human civilisation and the state of the natural systems on which it depends,” and the news is not good. Recent contributions to our knowledge on this [...]


This year’s World Environment Day (5 June) is all about ‘Reconnecting to Nature’

Reconnecting to Nature - how can you participate in a global movement? The more science reveals about the natural world, the more we learn what many indigenous peoples have long known: that everything is [...]