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This year’s World Environment Day (5 June) is all about ‘Reconnecting to Nature’

Reconnecting to Nature - how can you participate in a global movement? The more science reveals about the natural world, the more we learn what many indigenous peoples have long known: that everything is [...]


Walking through natural environments actually changes our brains… and for the better!

While it may seem intuitive that walking through the forest is good your mind, body, and soul, scientists are now discovering just how these nature experiences can actually change your brain… and for the better! [...]


It turns out getting children off the screen and back to nature… is good for them!

The decline in connection to the great outdoors has been linked to a number of mental and physical health concerns in children including obesity, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, poor cognitive development, low self-esteem, stress [...]


Time in nature makes Australian’s healthier, happier, brighter, calmer and closer

The findings of the latest Planet Ark National Survey, results from recent national and international peer-reviewed studies and previous Planet Ark research show that doctors and scientists agree: nature makes us healthier, happier, brighter, [...]


Wattleridge Indigenous Protected Area is passing down knowledge to our future custodians

An initiative between Wattleridge Indigenous Protected Area (IPA), NCC Firesticks Project and Local schools around Guyra NSW were part of an engaging and interactive learning program that connected children with Aboriginal elders, Indigenous Protected [...]