The Upper Coldstream catchment is located in the centre of the “McPherson-Macleay overlap” (between the Macleay River and the McPherson Range); this is the only part of Australia where northern and southern, ancient and modern fauna groups coexist. This blending of biotas means that it is amongst the most biodiverse regions in Australia with high levels of endemism and the greatest known diversity of marsupials across all space and time.

As a major component of the biggest coastal wildlife corridor in NSW, the Upper Coldstream area complements, supports and buffers the longest coastal conservation reserve in NSW (Yuraygir National Park) and provides largely intact habitat linkages that extend both north-south along the Coast Range, and east-west from the coastal plain to the upper parts of the Clarence Valley.

This landscape has one of the highest diversity of threatened fauna species in NSW and amongst the most diverse assemblages of threatened fauna species in Australia.

To learn more about the type of threatened species found in the Upper Coldstream, please download The Fauna of the Upper Coldstream – A Nationally Significant Assemblage.

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