Nature is one of our most valuable assets. Daily experiences within naturally rich environments can transform the way we learn, grow and live. By choosing learning and living environments that weave in opportunities to experience nature and the great outdoors, we can develop connections with nature that support a wonderful array of social and environmental benefits.

But it is the nature of the connection made that is of most importance…

Connecting with nature will need to be more than ‘exposing’ or building ‘knowledge’ about nature; it must be about creating opportunities for individuals and communities to experience nature through tactile interactions that enable felt experiences and emotional connections. We will only be able to achieve the full benefits of nature when we undergo firsthand experience, build empathy and self-awareness, improve our skills and knowledge and recognise the need to invest in authentic social connectedness.

To help to provide us with a better understanding on what is nature connection is and why do we need it, please Watch this Recording by Dr Miles Holmes.

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