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Our vision is to get more Australians to connect with nature

THE CONNECTIVE grew out of our concern for our growing disconnection with the natural environment and the impacts that this is having on our health and wellbeing  and our declining care for the natural environment.

We want to see:

* More people enjoy the benefits of nature by supporting their ability to connect with nature and with each other.

* Everyone has equitable access to good-quality natural environments whether it be in their backyard, school yard or workplace.

* All families and their communities are given the opportunity to experience and learn about nature and its restorative powers including the array of health and wellbeing, social, educational and environmental benefits.

* We support others to take responsibility for their natural environments, enabling local communities to take positive action.

* Our political leaders are responding to the needs of the people and their natural environments.

“There is mounting evidence emerging that our disconnection with the natural world is having an impact on both the health and wellbeing of the people and the planet. Our work seeks to create opportunities for communities to develop a high level awareness about nature and the interactions between people and nature and the many associated benefits. And through this process, supporting communities to develop greater social cohesion opportunities, developing a strong sense of place and belonging.”

The Connective

Everyone needs nature and everyone has an role to play in helping to achieve a better connection with nature… if you can contribute, please Contact Us!