Reconnecting to Nature – how can you participate in a global movement?

The more science reveals about the natural world, the more we learn what many indigenous peoples have long known: that everything is interconnected and interdependent — from the tiniest microbes to the largest carnivores, from plants that sequester carbon, prevent flooding and feed us to the carbon, hydrologic and other large cycles that keep the planet in balance.

There’s no going back to simpler times, but our survival does depend on respecting our place in this miraculous world. To heal the disconnection, we must reconnect. It’s fitting, then, that the theme of this year’s World Environment Day on June 5 is “Connecting People to Nature.” To learn how you can get involved in the global movement visit I’m With Nature.

Supporting opportunities for children to connect to nature is especially important. Nature is critical to their growth and development, and their health and wellbeing. To learn more please watch our short video…

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